TRUE — an ecosystem to create next gen NFTs and deliver utility to GameFi and everyday life.

True.Community — our community of like-minded people, token holders who endorse the values
 of our company and are ready to broadcast them to the masses.

  • Values — the values we share

  • Journal — a social platform for the crypto community, where you can both consume and create information as well as communicate.

  • Education — interactive educational programs allowing you to get deeper knowledge 
of the crypto world.

  • Artworks — a program of scouting the artists whose works we sympathize and who are eligible 
for building our metaverse.

  • SDK — a software development kit for game developers within our metaverse.

  • Hackathons — events that help to pick out the entire teams for the development of our metaverse.

  • Accelerator — an acceleration program that will allocate resources for the best of the best 
in the form of grants.

  • Governance — a management structure where the community make decisions on its further development by voting. Only users with the Gold status and above can take part in the voting. Voting is realized by issuing and purchasing the special NFT votes.

  • Metrics — key project indicators available for the advanced users with Platinum status and above. This section presents the main financial indicators of the system's functioning in a convenient graphical format using BI tools.

True.Metaverse — a GameFi platform for gamers, game developers and brands. Game worlds of our partners where you can play and earn crypto and other assets.

  • Game Worlds — a game world of an individual game developer that runs from the platform
 and operates through NFT assets issued on True.Marketplace.

  • Launchpad — a platform feature for organizing the announcements of the game projects
 and the pre-sales of NFT assets by game providers.

  • Game Provider — a game developer that integrates with the ecosystem through technologies described in True.Framework.

  • NFT Fights, Mascotte Battles — battles within game worlds, when new NFTs with different characteristics are created as a result of a merge of two initial NFT Cards.

  • NFT Crafting — a process of creating one item in the form of a more functional NFT Card, 
by connecting two other NFT Cards.

  • Saga Map — a metaphorical level map, where the progress of game mechanics takes place. 
The further you go, the more opportunities open up within the game world.

  • Narrative — a storyline with a number of interrelated events presented to the player within 
the game world.

  • City Builder, Land — the mechanics allowing players to build their own cities within the game world.

True.Marketplace — a digital asset marketplace. One of its missions is to enable our partners to release and sell their own NFTs without investing in assessment, technology and distribution.

  • NFT — a non-fungible, unique token. It is used in the True ecosystem as the main method 
for storing and transferring digital assets and can be transferred to any blockchain integrated
in the ecosystem.

  • NFT Status — a unique type of digital asset that will identify the owner and provide the appropriate capabilities and functionality within

  • NFT Vote — a special token that enables community ownership and active stewardship of the Metaverse.

  • NFT Cards — the unique digital cards that have their own set of characteristics, implemented
 by the author/merchant upon releasing. Cards can be combined into collections and perform
 their unique functionality both inside the games of the True.Metaverse and outside the ecosystem.

  • Dynamic NFT — the unique digital assets for offline use. For example, the owner of a digital package will be able to order different goods from the website: original merchandise, event tickets, a dinner with a star, etc.

  • Merchant Account — an official account of the NFT merchant at To be able to mint 
and distribute the assets a merchant needs to conduct an official agreement with a legal entity that supports the True ecosystem.

  • NFT Minting — minting NTF with extended characteristics and unique chains of interaction.

  • NFT Oracle — database with information about NFT.

  • NFT Bridge — сross-сhain NFT Bridge will allow the user to flexibly manage their assets without digging into the depths of blockchain technologies.

True.Earn — a place where your cryptocurrency works for you: staking, farming, play-to-earn games,
 quests & missions and other mechanics.

  • Daily Wheel — a daily bonus activity to maintain users interest and provide the opportunity to receive rewards within the ecosystem.

  • Farming — the mechanics of providing liquidity for decentralized exchanges with the simultaneous ability to earn interest on the capital in case it is locked for a certain period of time.

  • Staking — the mechanics of forming liquidity for the platform with the ability to earn interest on the capital if it is locked for a certain period of time.

  • Flip's Star — an iconic game with over $1M in Jackpot with tickets issued in the form of NFT.

  • TRUE Status cards Holder Game — a former Master Flip game, which allows to receive stable passive rewards for holding TRUE Status cards at the time of the draw.

  • Quests & Missions — special tasks in the game mechanics on searching for clues and researching new services. The winners receive prizes from the platform and partners.

  • Special Events — various events and prize drops, timed to coincide with any holiday to increase community interest in TFT.

True.Profile — a user's personal account, which stores all the necessary information for the proper functioning of the user within the ecosystem.

  • Status — user’s status in the ecosystem. The higher the status, the more opportunities it opens up. The status can be purchased as an NFT asset on the platform's marketplace.

  • Public Profile — user’s public page where he can share their achievements within the ecosystem: make public a set of NFT that he owns, share status, awards, etc.

  • Personal Information — user's personal data stored in the system strictly in terms of the GDPR law.

  • Security Center — a special section that stores user’s activity on the platform, as well as ways
 to protect against hacking.

  • KYC — an identity verification procedure of a player. It is necessary in cases when required
 by the laws of a particular country.

  • Referral Program — a system of cooperation that allows users to invite friends in a playful way 
and get rewards.

  • VIP Special Offers — a system of special offers within the private VIP-club, which is provided for holders of TFT tokens with the Black status.

True Technology | True App — an independent fintech project, wallet
 of the ecosystem, on board which the essential technologies will erase the barrier between cryptocurrency and fiat money.

  • Single Sign-On Technology — the technology allowing the user to navigate from one ecosystem product to another without re-authentication. Authorization within the product is performed
 by scanning the QR code. Access to assets stored in the wallet is not provided to this product.

  • Pay & Play Technology — the technology of creating game sessions between the user's wallet
 and the game providers of the ecosystem by passing the operators, where transactions are processed real-time and without commissions. Access to assets by the game provider is limited to the game session only.

  • Crypto-Gaming Gateway — the gaming gateway allowing to interact with the game providers that do not use cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in their games focusing on fiat only.
The gateway provides visual real-time conversion of fiat currencies to crypto and vice versa at a fixed rate using risk management mechanics based on AI to facilitate gaming experience.

  • Cross-Chain Bridge — a tool for moving tokens from one blockchain to another. The bridge temporarily blocks the asset on chain A and releases it on chain B. Assets on blockchain A will only be unlocked when the equivalent amount of generated tokens on blockchain B is locked again.
This mechanism does not allow users to access assets in both blockchains at the same time.

  • Non-Custodial Account — the type of a decentralized wallet where the client owns their private keys. At the time of its creation, the user is given a file with private keys, as well as a mnemonic phrase, with the help of which it will subsequently be possible to restore access to the management of funds.

  • B2B Accounts — a user’s business account with limited access rights to release the assets owned by a company, rather than a specific user. To open this type of account, you must conclude
 an agreement with a legal entity that supports the True ecosystem.

  • AI — artificial intelligence that controls all the internal processes of the ecosystem
and notifies administrators or users about violations of the originally set logic. Its main purpose
is the security of users assets.

  • Financial Services — the services within a separately created financial organization, which has all the necessary licenses and right to sell cryptocurrency for fiat funds.

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