Game Worlds

A catalog of game worlds from the leaders 
of the GameFi industry.

A game world is one or more games from a game provider with their own gameplay, mechanics and storyline. The user can simultaneously play in several worlds, developing their internal gaming assets.

The interaction between the worlds takes place through the NFT. This is a great opportunity for collaboration between different worlds within the True.Metaverse. The user can receive additional benefits from their assets in other worlds. Or completely transfer their assets to another external world, including the real one, by means of TRUE APP.

Options available to the game developers:

Out-of-the-box tools available as part of the SDK:

  • To mint an unlimited number of NFTs for your game worlds

  • To endow NFT with the unlimited functionality, using the capabilities of NFT Oracle within
the infrastructure.

  • NFT Fights β€” battles within game worlds, when new NFTs with different characteristics are created as a result of the merge of two initial NFT Cards.

  • NFT Crafting β€” a process of creating one item in the form of a more functional NFT Card
 by connecting two other NFT Cards.

  • Providing the information about an item by API

  • Selling NFTs through a single marketplace of the ecosystem

  • Cross-Chain Bridge: transfer from one chain to another

  • Donation

  • Referral link in NFT

  • And many other game mechanics to be developed

To use all the opportunities of the infrastructure to create the liquidity of the NFT assets:

  • Auctions

  • Prize drops for the ecosystem users without any commissions

  • Loyalty system and retention tools: daily bonuses, special events, quests & missions, etc.

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