B2B Custodial Accounts

B2B accounts are business accounts that are linked to a company, game provider, brand, merchant, affiliate, etc. That is a unit that begins to interact with truefuture.io under the contract in accordance with the specified commercial terms.

These accounts can be used for mutual settlements with users within the ecosystem with the detailed analytics and reconciliation check. Companies will also be able to use these accounts to securely store their crypto assets. Security AI is always on guard for the safety of funds.

Game Providers

Business accounts of the game providers who develop their game worlds and metaverses, through which they can promote their game content among the community of players, both in the True ecosystem and outside.

Top Brands

Business accounts of top international brands that have a huge fan base and the aim for the additional source of its monetization:

  1. Creating NFT cards and collections of different value

  2. Creating Dynamic NFT that can be endowed with the value in the offline world:

    • Merchandise

    • Autographs of athletes

    • Event tickets

    • Meet & Greets

    • And many more

  3. Collaborations with game providers to create their own game worlds.


Business accounts of companies that are professionally engaged in traffic aggregation for game providers. These business accounts have the following benefits:

  • Flexible commission constructor

  • Built-in payment processing

  • Dynamic tracking parameters

  • Fault tolerance and high availability

  • Multiple affiliate tiers

  • Postbacks to third-party marketing tools

  • Powerful reports and in-depth statistics

  • Media content management

  • Automated statistic feeds via XML/JSON data exports

  • Fully-customisable affiliate interface via API

  • Role-based access to the system

  • Multiple brands under one affiliate program

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