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A community of like-minded people and token holders who share the True values and enjoy interacting with the game world the way they want and anytime they want. In just a click.

Deliver the features of Metaverse to everyone in and beyond

Hundreds of new crypto projects are born every day. Some of them become visible and significant, attracting thousands of followers; and the lives of others are as short as a flash — they light up brightly, but just as quickly fade out.

And you know what? This is fine. 👍

When something exists only online, it is extremely easy to get lost in the virtual world. Especially in crypto, where anonymity and a constant stream of new ideas are indispensable companions of the industry. Where often you don't even need to have a functioning project to make people believe you. Industry of promises. Industry of hype. Being a part of a global international company for over 4 years, we had the opportunity to closely monitor the development of the blockchain in order to formulate our own approach to creating a product. The one that consorts with our vision, and the one that we hope will resonate with our community.

Be passionate

If our approach and what we do are close to you, then you are already in the ranks of True People.
 No matter if you are a simple observer or an active figure. All you need is to choose a convenient way to join the project and become a part of it.

The easiest way is:

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    Register on the platform
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    Buy TFT tokens
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    Subscribe to our social networks

And discover your own way to flip the GameFi industry!

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