Quests & Missions

Quests with exciting missions and game mechanics. By engaging partners from the GameFI and DeFi industries, we are generating impressive rewards for the smartest and fastest participants.

Story quests

A series of tasks with a well-thought-out scenario. Search for clues and get rewarded for completing bonus tasks. Tasks cover all platform projects and projects of the guest partners.

NFT quests

The large-scale quests to be carried out in cooperation with many of our partners. The partners release special NFTs for the certain quest, which can be obtained by completing the tasks. Members can trade or buy NFTs to build their collection.
The best collectors will be awarded.

Educational quests

Special quests that are aimed to help the user to dig into a new service or technology. By completing tasks in game mechanics, the user is more willing to learn. On top of that, he receives the rewards for successful completion.

Offline quests

The real-life tasks. An exciting interweaving of online storyline and real life. The quests are designed in cooperation with our partners from different countries. Therefore, these international quests will be held all around the world.


The long storylines consisting of several quests, games, and missions. The missions will involve all elements of the ecosystem: NFT marketplace, game worlds, TRUE APP. These are large-scale games with an impressive scenario and complex realization. Completing missions will take longer comparing to regular quests, but the winners are rewarded with much more valuable prizes.

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