Referral Program

The user reward system is at the core of the community's growth and the involvement of new users into the ecosystem. By implementing game mechanics, we got the most exciting multi-level system in the world. Our program is aimed at attracting new friends.

Here are some of the mechanics of the referral program

  • NFT with embed referral code. Allows you to easily and quickly distribute tokens among the community. These can be our own NFT or our partners ones.

  • Scratch cards with complimentary TFT for friends.

  • Challenge any external user to a duel. Allows you to immediately engage the user in the game and receive a referral at the same time.

  • NFT card collections for true collectors. New cards become available to a user by reaching new scores or completing tasks. Upon gathering a full collection, the user can exchange it for a valuable prize.

  • Exciting quest tasks with many additional rewards to attract new users.

  • Sending tokens via phone number, email or messenger. The receiving user immediately becomes a referral.

  • Special events with the distribution of gifts.
 By attracting new users to an event, the player not only gets referrals, but also quickly achieves results in the game.

  • Flip's star tickets to send to friends. Hardly anybody can refuse to try their luck and win some TFT.

  • The links to journal publications with embed referral code. The user simply shares a link to the publication, automatically making every new visitor a referral. Perfect for blog writers 
and influencers.

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