True White paper
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Problems that we are solving

Over the past three years within the True Group company we have created one of the most promising game providers in the industry.
We are fully aware of and clearly feel the pain of game developers and the difficulties they have to face while implementing blockchain technologies:
  • Blockchain network commissions are disrupting the economy of the game
  • Weak NFT functionality
  • Complexity of implementation and reading process of in-game functionality
  • The statistics and control of NFT movement between players
  • And other problems that shift the focus from the most important thing — game content.
Most often, all decisions boil down to the following tools:
  • The need of creating an in-house wallet to form a commission free active session between
 the player and the game
  • The need of creating an in-house marketplace and NFT oracle, which stores the intended functionality of the released NFTs
All the above problems are of an infrastructural nature and are planned to be solved within the the project.